Koffie Scrub Bar

Koffie Scrub Bar

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Coffee-grind based scrub.

Just like a cup of coffee in the morning to get you going throughout the day, a jolt of caffeine is good for your skin too. Coffee is the perfect natural exfoliator to buff away dead skin, so your glowing self can shine through. Made with simple but powerful ingredients, this scrub bar will make your skin feels soft and silky-smooth all over. Not to mention the lush-effect from the smell of a good coffee.

Rub the scrub bar on slightly damp skin. Use your palm to massage the coffee grind. Wash off with water and soap.

Store product in cool place (temperature around 15-25 degrees Celcius) with no direct exposure to sun, and low humidity (avoid stashing this product in the bathroom).

Magnesium sulfate, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Shea butter, Coffee grind.